Unit 4 Test Review (Due Tuesday December 12)

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of notebook paper. You do not need to re-write the question and you do not need to answer in complete sentences.

1.       Who was the first to present the idea of continental drift?

2.       What did this man believe about the continents when the earth was first formed and what did he name that land mass?

3.       What is the evidence that supports the idea of Pangea?  (3 different pieces)

4.       New crust is added at the _______________________ and this is called ____________________

5.       How does sea floor spreading happen? Explain how it works.

6.       Crust is destroyed at ___________________________________ also called _________________

7.       Mid-oceanic ridges are always found at ________________ boundaries

8.       Deep ocean trenches are always found at _________________boundaries

9.       When earthquakes occur, they normally are caused from _____________________ boundaries

10.   What happens when a mid-oceanic ridge rises above sea level.

11.   Why does subduction happen?

12.   Be able to explain and understand the diagram you drew on page 33.

13. Explain how a Mold and Cast is formed.

14. Explain how a carbon film is formed.

15. Explain how a petrified fossil is made.

16. Explain how preserved remains are found and what we use them for.

17. Explain the importance of trace fossils.

18. Name and explain the importance of the 3 different eras. 

19. Name the 3 periods and explain their importance. 

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