Genetic Disorders Intro Assignmnet

Read this entire article Titles "The basics in genes and genetic disorders" (link attached to title)

When you are finished reading the article, re-write the sentence frame and fill in the blanks with your thoughts. Then answer the questions. Submit this onto moodle.

1. In the section, "Genes and Heredity", the overall point was ________________________________________________. The most important point to remember is ____________________________. Another piece of information to remember is ___________________________________.

2. In the section, "What are Genetic Disorders", the writer's main point was _________________________. One important fact to remember is _________________. Another piece of information to keep in mind is _____________________. A third important point is _________________________. After reading this section, I thought the most interesting information was _________________________. 

3. After reading the section "Changing Genes" Please explain gene therapy. 

4. What are some benefits of gene therapy and what are some down falls to gene therapy. 

5. After reading this whole article, please list 2 important point that you learned and had never heard of before (Be descriptive in your answer)

6. List any words or phrases, from the article, that still are unfamiliar to you after reading this article.