Topic outline

  • Welcome to Moodle

    This space will be used to provide links and instructions on how to create and use the various activities we will be working on throughout the year, as well as ongoing discussions and collaboration. This will also be a good way to see what your students see. There is a news forum here in this first block so students can see what might be upcoming. This news forum is set to automatically subscribe everyone so they can be emailed when there is news.

  • The Basics

    The purpose of this first topic is to give you a feel for how Moodle looks and feels, and to share resources that can help you get started.

  • Information Sharing

    Please help add any materials and new information you find to the various areas in this section. We will have a wiki, a glossary and a database here to add ay helpful information in creating course content.

  • This topic

    Moving Right Along!

    It's October and we are in full swing! With so many new things put in place this year and each of you so overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities, I have hesitated with having meetings, etc. for Moodle. But in order for us to make good decisions regarding how to continue using Moodle, it's time to see where we are. So here are two things:

    1. Would you mind taking a moment to respond to the "How's it going?" forum and let everyone know how it has been going for you with Moodle so far this year? What's good and what's not so good? Has it been helpful and do you see yourself wanting to use it in years to come? 
    2. Moodle has a feature where students can upload a PDF as an assignment. Once uploaded, the teacher can annotate and grade the assignment right there. So to try this out as a student, please upload a PDF of something you already have to the assignment labeled "UPLOAD PDF HERE". (FYI, you can make any Office document a PDF by choosing "save as". Google Docs can also be made into a PDF.) I will then "grade" the assignment so you can see as a student how it works. I'll also show you on a quick video how to get in, create and grade the assignment. Hopefully this will be helpful and useful to you.
    3. Oh, and when you complete the assignments you will earn the "MOODLE MANIAC" BADGE!  Whoo-hoo! :) Badges are a newer feature in Moodle that can be used to make it a little more fun (maybe).