Topic outline

  • 8/30/2018

    Good news - churches can revive - All have in common:

    •Scriptural authority
    •Biblical leadership
    •Preaching and teaching
    •Covenant community

    • 8/31/2018

      Barriers to Growth

      –Self-focused leaders and churches
      –Experiencing God’s discipline
      –Lack of radical faith/reliance
      –Doing instead of being the church
      –Watering down the gospel/truth
      –Distracted from our first love
      –Ineffective disciple-making
      –Irrelevant ministry

      • 9/4/2018

        1. Review for test on Wednesday

        • 9/5/2018

          1. Take test on chapters 4 & 5 of Sider

          2. Return books and check out "Upside Down Kingdom"

          3. Read Introduction and chapter 1

               a. Write 3 things you notice about your reading that you resonate with

              b. Write one question that is raised in your mind concerning Christ's teachings

          • 9/6/2018

            The Kingdom of God

            ¨- Not easy to define
            ¨- Something people enter – not something that enters them
            ¨- Social – With membership, citizenship, loyalties and identity
            ¨- Is not an aggregate, but rather a collective
            ¨- Is intended to be an alternate reality to the present world with God intended dynamics that reclaim the world from the fall
               - Aggregate vs. Collective models of church

            Why the Kingdom of God is Upside down from the world
            ¨1. Because the present world is upside-down from God’s intentions, so from the worlds perspectives, God’s kingdom is upside down
            ¨2. Society has a distinct topography – God’s kingdom is opposite
            ¨3. The Kingdom, done right, is shocking

            • 9/7/2018

              Detours (Ways the world tries to dismiss the Kingdom)

                ¨1. Jesus is culturally bound to a society that is long gone and now irrelevant

              ¨2. Jesus came at the wrong time and expected too much

              ¨3. The Dispensation view

               4.  Spiritualize it All

               5.  Individualize and Isolate the Gospel

              • 9/10-11/2018

                A. Finish the material from yesterday
                B. Look at Dispensationalism and how it relates to a detour
                1. Innocence (Genesis 1 -3) - Adam and Eve before they sinned
                2. Conscience (Genesis 3-8) - First sin to the flood
                3. Civil Government (Genesis 9-11) - After the flood, government
                4. Promise (Genesis 12-Ex. 19) - Abraham to Moses, the Law is given
                5. Law (Exodus 20 - Acts 2:4) - Moses to the cross
                6. Grace (Acts 2:4 - Revelation 20:3) - Cross to the millennial kingdom
                7. Millennial Kingdom (Rev. 20:4-6) – The rule of Christ on earth in the millennial kingdom

                Though dispensationalists share common opinions about interpreting scripture, there are different types of dispensationalist positions.  Read and respond to:

                1. Classical Dispensationalism
                  1. God has different purposes at different times
                  2. The Church is a parenthesis in history between the times of God dealing with Israel
                  3. There will be a literal Kingdom in heaven and also a Kingdom on earth during the millennial period
                2. Modified Dispensationalism
                  1. Two peoples of God: Israel and the Church
                  2. Different roles
                  3. Salvation is the same for both groups
                  4. Church and Israel exist together during the millennium
                3. Progressive Dispensationalism
                  1. Israel and the Church are both the people of God
                  2. It relies more on covenantal interpretations
                  3. Old Testament promises expanded to include the Church
                  4. There are still distinctions between Israel and the Church
                  5. Israel is still God’s chosen people with a plan from God
                  6. Pre-trib rapture is generally held, but not necessary

                • 9/17-18/2018

                  A. Finish the material from 5 detours from the Kingdom
                  B. The temptations in Jesus Ministry 
                  1. Bread Messiah
                       •The temptation is to become an economic Messiah
                        •People would follow just because they got food – miss spiritual
                  2. Miracle Messiah
                        •The temptation is to do tricks so people follow (Recall Herod)
                        •Problem – people not responding in faith
                  3. Political Messiah
                       •Political change does not bring heart change

                  Read the article -

                  Consider as a class how each of these temptations might be present in both church and politics today
                  Find one illustration in history to illustrate each and justify the answer in writing.  Talk about answers in table groups

                  • This topic


                    1. Finish remaining work from the week above.  

                    2. Look at the Political situation of Jesus time

                    •Herod the Great – Died when Jesus was an infant
                    •Kingdom was divided between:
                    •Herod Antipas
                    •Archelaus was king of the southern part of Judea, including Jerusalem – He was horrible, deposed in 2 years
                    Roman procurator installed – eventually Pilate came

                    review for test

                    • 9/20/2018

                      Take Test

                      Begin Chapters 3-5 in Upside Down Kingdom

                      • 9/21/2018

                        Read Chapters 6 & 7 outlining the major points made by the author in each chapter.  What is not completed is homework.  The outlines should be sent to the teachers email.

                        • 9/24/2018

                          1. Talk about relative wealth and poverty.

                          2. Read

                                a. What were the spiritual meanings?

                                b. How might jubilee impact an economy?

                          3.   Wealth distribution U.S.

                  Wealth distribution World

                          4. Write 2 paragraphs about what the likely effect of this inequity will be

                          • 9/25/2018

                            Look at the working poor- 



                            Go over Luke's beatitudes - taking it apart and evaluating its meaning for our lives

                            “Blessed are you who are poor,
                                for yours is the kingdom of God.
                            21 Blessed are you who hunger now,
                                for you will be satisfied.
                            Blessed are you who weep now,
                                for you will laugh.
                            22 Blessed are you when people hate you,
                                when they exclude you and insult you
                                and reject your name as evil,
                                    because of the Son of Man.

                            23 “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets.

                            24 “But woe to you who are rich,
                                for you have already received your comfort.
                            25 Woe to you who are well fed now,
                                for you will go hungry.
                            Woe to you who laugh now,
                                for you will mourn and weep.
                            26 Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,
                                for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.

                            * Write a 1 page thought about what rich and poor are defined as in scriptural thought


                            • 9/26/2018

                              Look at the concept of the Jubilee in the Bible

                              The Command of Jubilee

                              1. Each week, there is to be 6 days of work and then 1 day of rest.

                              2. Each week of years, there is to be 6 years of work and one year of rest.  Simple debts are to be retired on the seventh year, assuring the poor do not become perpetually so.  (Shemitah)

                              3. Each week of weeks of years there shall be a general returning of all property to family groups making sure the rich do not get too rich and the poor do not get desperately and hopelessly so.

                              Notice Economic downturns and the Shimitah

                              Major Economic “Readjustment Years”




                              2001 (On Shemitah)

                              2008 (On Shemitah) – Dow down 777 points, 7% of it’s value

                              2015 – Dow lost 1300 points the week of  Aug. 19th – 7% of its value

                              Make a plan for righteousness in payment and economic equity

                              • 9/27/2018

                                1. Finish reading chapters 6 & 7 of Upside Down Kingdom

                                2. Write 2 questions or observations found while reading

                                3. Answer questions and finish notes

                                Finish the powerpoint from Chapters 6 & 7

                                • 9/28/2018

                                  Make a budget living on a single income of minimum wage ($8.25/hour 40 hours per week.  This budget is to support a family of 4.  Two of the children are pre-school, one in diapers.  Please take into account the following budget items:  (If your birthday is between September and December)

                                  1. Housing (Remember you must furnish your home, heat/cool, pay for water and septic, TV, internet, and electric)

                                  2. Food (Formula and baby food are are food processors).

                                  3. Clothing (Don't forget diapers and that the children keep growing)

                                  4. Transportation (If you have a car, keep in mind you must buy, fix, fuel, pay taxes on, and insure the vehicle).

                                  5. Health insurance (It is illegal to not have health insurance and Walmart and McDonald's along with most of the major employers of minimum wage workers do NOT have to supply insurance)

                                  6. Medical costs not covered by insurance

                                  7. Life Insurance

                                  8. Savings

                                  9. Charity/Church

                                  10. Entertainment

                                  11. Taxes - Don't forget to deduct FICA taxes from the gross...they are 6.2% of the gross.

                                  * Birthday January or February, do the same but with an income of $100,00 per month gross.

                                  * Birthday March - August, do the same but with and income of $10,000 per month

                                  We will compare results on Monday.  Please email results to me.  Please work individually, but feel free to talk with others about this and to look for pricing on the internet.

                                  • 10/1-4/2018

                                    A. Look at and discuss the budgets as worked on in the class

                                         a. What is noticed about the budget?

                                         b. Write 4 sentences or more on insights into things learned from the budgeting process

                                             * How might your attitudes have changed concerning the poor?

                                             * Why is poverty growing - debt -  Death of the American Dream

                                    B. Look at chapters 8 and 9 in the Upside Down Kingdom

                                    1. Read Chapter 8 and write 3 compelling questions the chapter raises about the faith to be shared with the class

                                    2. Agape

                                    • Agape is:

                                      • Bold

                                      • Inconvenient

                                      • Risky

                                      • Time Consuming

                                      • Expensive

                                      • Socially Expensive

                                    • Detours
                                    •    Old Testament Warfare
                                    •    Nationalism
                                    • Taking Jesus teaching to just be on a personal level

                                    4. Read chapter 9 - Write a 1 page response to the author's insights

                                       * Look at the ppt. on this chapter

                                       * Answer questions raised through this

                                    • 10/5/2018

                                      1. Take test on chapters 6-9

                                      2. Read Chapter 10 looking at the four major sources of power in the world versus those in the kingdom of heaven

                                      • 10/8-9/2018

                                        The four major power bases of society

                                        1. Financial Power – Economic Resources

                                        2. Expert Power – Extensive Knowledge

                                        3. Organizational Power (Position)

                                        4. Personal Power – From appearance, personality traits etc.

                               (the brutality of ape society)

                                        * Read article about power structures
                                        * Write 2 paragraph response.

                                        • 10/4 + 5, 8 - 10/2018

                                          Look at chapter 9 - the positive and negative sides of clumping according to groups

                                          1. tories to make a bigot think:

                                          •Elijah and the woman of Jarephath (I Kings 17)

                                          •Moses and the Cushite Bride (Numbers 12)

                                          •Jesus’ Family tree

                                          •The Good Samaritan

                                          •The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15)

                                          2. Peacemaking - the better way
                                          1.In order to kill, one must assume the other is “less than”
                                          a.Labels given during wars (Croutes, Hinnies, Japs, Nips…)
                                          b.Glorification of warfare (Songs of WWII)
                                          2.Peacemaking – even if not universal, could work many more times than it has been given credit for

                                            a. God fights in the Old Testament

                                            b. Modern Ex.

                                              - Norway in WWII

                                              - Dr. Shenk with Alcida

                                          3. Sum up unit on cross people group caring

                                          4. Review

                                          5. Test 

                                          • 10/17-19/2018

                                             a. Show  video on Appalachia -

                                            b. Do research on the Lakota tribe ( or the Appalachia poverty.                                                              c. Form presentations on how to minister to either of these groups (or another challenged demographic).

                                            Rubric Ministry to Hurting People

                                            5 minute or more focusing on a challenged people group – weight – 100 pts summative.











                                             Quality of Thought


                                            Showed little critical thought or struggle with topic

                                            Shows some critical thought or struggle with topic

                                            Shows deep thought and wrestling with the topic

                                            Profound thought for High School

                                             Correct length of 5 minutes or more



                                            More than 2 minutes  difference

                                            More than 1 ½ minutes different

                                            Less than 1 minute different

                                            Target length attained

                                             Use of scripture and other supportive material – list sources prominently

                                            Few if any uses of support material

                                            Some use of support material

                                            Effective use of relevant material

                                            Profound use and understanding of excellent source materials


                                            Wow Factor


                                            Real Snoozer

                                            Some points were interesting

                                            Creative and Interesting

                                            I may just enter the mission field because of this presentation



                                            Presentation is muddled and incomprehensible

                                            Presentation has some cohesion but lapses regularly

                                            Presentation is cohesive with few lapses

                                            Presentation flows well and is well communicated

                                            Mr. Fry March 5, 2018


                                            The goal of this presentation is to help you and others define your place in God’s kingdom in a world that is hurting.

                                            • 10/22-24/2018

                                              1. Emphasize the difference it makes in families food consumption based on food

                                                  a. Give students vouchers for purchasing food - rich to poor

                                                  b. Serve the students based on what they can purchase

                                                  c. Students will be divided from very wealthy to very poor based on world demographics and proportional to those demographics

                                              2. Do presentations on ministry to Lakota or Appalachian people.

                                              3. Look at the following aspects that influence how well people make it: (ppt)

                                                  a. Personal Motivation

                                                  b. Cultural Values

                                                  c. Community Resources

                                                  d. Family Security

                                                  e. Other Factors 

                                              • 10/25+26/2018

                                                1. Inward Discipline:


                                                2. Outward Discipline:

                                                3. Corporate Discipline

                                                • 3/20 - 22/2018

                                                  A. In table groups, look at the homework from yesterday and discuss

                                                  B. Look at the  Inward Disciplines :

                                                       1. Meditation
                                                       2. Prayer
                                                       3. Fasting (, 
                                                  * Potentially challenge students to join me in a fast
                                                       4. Study

                                                  • 3/23/2018

                                                    1. Finish Fasting

                                                    2. Look at "study"

                                                        a. What it is:

                                                    ◼Explaining a word
                                                    ◼Involves observation, concentration, perception, reflection and repetition
                                                    ◼Includes books, lectures, nature and events

                                                       b. What it is not:
                                                    ◼Devotional or a Meditation
                                                    ◼High priority on application
                                                    ◼Limited to books or lectures
                                                    ◼Reduced to an accumulation of knowledge

                                                    c. Suggestions:
                                                    ◼Set aside time
                                                    ◼Choose a place free of distractions
                                                    ◼Find a comfortable position
                                                    ◼Comes as a student, not a teacher
                                                    ◼Learn with humility
                                                    ◼Study God’s word by:
                                                    ▪Reading a smaller Bible book each day for a month
                                                    ▪Reading a Major book straight through 3x
                                                    ▪Do a word study on a single word

                                                    • April 2- 3, 2018

                                                      Inner Devotions: Simplicity (slide 68 following)

                                                      1. What it is

                                                      ◼Sets things in their proper place
                                                      ◼Joyful unconcern for possessions
                                                      ◼Rejoices in the Lord’s gracious provisions
                                                      ◼Inward change expressed outwardly
                                                      ◼Unity and Balance

                                                      2. What it is not
                                                      ◼Attachment to things
                                                      ◼Lust for status & position
                                                      ◼Forced poverty
                                                      ◼Limited to living without things

                                                      3. Temptations:
                                                      ◼Severe temptation towards legalism
                                                      ◼Canonize our choices as the simple life

                                                      4. Inner Attitudes of Simplicity
                                                      ◼1) Receive what we have as a gift from God
                                                      ◼2) We are stewards with the freedom to trust God with our possessions
                                                      ◼3) We make our goods available to others

                                                      5. Read Chapter on Simplicity
                                                      6. Write a personal response: What about my life could be simplified in order to be more devoted to Christ?

                                                      • 4/4/2018

                                                        1. Meet in Table groups to discuss simplicity

                                                            a. What aspects were uncovered in our personal lives where simplicity could be helpful?

                                                            b. Compare the categories on the board then refer them to table

                                                        2.   Perform 3 Acts of Simplicity: (talk about these options which may not have been thought of)

                                                        ▪Act 1: Give something away.
                                                        ▪Act 2: Spend an hour watching nature without your electronic gadgets.
                                                        ▪Act 3: Spend a day letting your yes be yes, and your No be No.

                                                        • 4/4 - 6/2018

                                                          1. Consider the devotion of social justice

                                                              a. What injustices are we working on in our society?

                                                              b. Which ones need to be worked on that presently are not?

                                                              c. What can one person do?

                                                          2. Look at the life of William Wilberforce and his bringing down of slavery in England (This will be a detailed look that will lead to a paper that is introspective on what we might do to make this a better world.)

                                                          • 4/9-13/2018

                                                            1. Continue with "Wilberforce" 

                                                            2. Look at slavery in the world today



                                                            3. Write a 3+ page paper on the fight against slavery in the United States then and now

                                                            • 4/16/2018

                                                              1. Give an input into the challenges of being an older person in a youth centered world
                                                              2. Do some exercises to try to understand being aged
                                                              3. Plan the visit to Sunnyside    
                                                              • 4/17/2018

                                                                Field Trip to Sunnyside

                                                                • 4/18/2018

                                                                  1. Debrief on the trip to Sunnyside

                                                                  2. Read article on getting older


                                                                  Write a one page response. 

                                                                  • 4/19/2018

                                                                    Aspire Testing 

                                                                    • 4/20/2018

                                                                      1. Read the chapter on Study

                                                                      2. PPt on study

                                                                      3. Write response to what we looked at

                                                                      • 4/23 & 24/2018


                                                                        ◼What it is
                                                                        ◼Sets things in their proper place
                                                                        ◼Joyful unconcern for possessions
                                                                        ◼Rejoices in the Lord’s gracious provisions
                                                                        ◼Inward change expressed outwardly
                                                                        ◼Unity and Balance


                                                                        Write about your plan for simplicity - one page

                                                                        • 4/25 - 26/2018

                                                                          Examples of how to live a simple life style
                                                                          ◼1) Buy based on usefulness, not status
                                                                          ◼2) Reject anything producing an addiction in you
                                                                          ◼3) Develop a habit of giving things away
                                                                          ◼4) Refuse the bells and whistles
                                                                          ◼5) Enjoy things without owning them
                                                                          ◼6) Develop a deeper love for creation
                                                                          ◼7) Beware of debt, usury and credit
                                                                          ◼8) Maintain plain, honest speech
                                                                          ◼9) Reject anything that exploits others
                                                                          ◼10) Reject anything that distracts you from seeking first the kingdom of God

                                                                          • 4/30/2018

                                                                            Review for tomorrow's test on "Celebration of Discipline"

                                                                            • 5/1/2018

                                                                              1. Take test 

                                                                              2. Give introduction to the Purpose Driven Life

                                                                              3. Students shall read Day 1 and form habit of reading each day as they arrive in class. 

                                                                              • May 2 - 4/2018

                                                                                1. Begin each day by reading a day and writing a paragraph response

                                                                                2. Follow up with Ppt

                                                                                    a. It all starts with God

                                                                                    b. You are not an accident

                                                                                    c. What Drives your life?


                                                                                1. Guilt – Many people live their lives burdened by guilt. They allow this guilt to control them so that their past controls their future. God, though, loves to give them the opportunity for a fresh start. They do not need to live in guilt.
                                                                                2. Resentment & Anger – Some people hold on to hurts from the past and never learn to let them go. Eventually this anger and resentment controls them. Warren’s advice is “For your own sake, learn from it, and then let it go.”
                                                                                3. Fear – Fear controls many people. By playing it safe and always fighting to maintain the status quo they may avoid God’s purpose for their lives. These people need to learn to fight fear through faith in God.
                                                                                4. Materialism – Most people in our society are driven by materialism. They are driven to acquire more and more possessions and believe that security can only be found in having more. This goes directly against Scripture which says that the most valuable things in life are not things!
                                                                                5. Need For Approval – Many people allow their need for other people’s approval to control their lives. They spend their lives worrying about what others think of them.

                                                                                • 5/7/2018

                                                                                  1. Read day 6 and answer the question in the back

                                                                                  2. Finish the list of purposes that are not helpful

                                                                                  3. Benefits of a purpose driven life

                                                                                  4. Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life

                                                                                  Jer 29:11  “ I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out--plans (purpose) to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for ” (New Century Version)
                                                                                      - Knowing your purpose simplifies your life
                                                                                  Isa 26:3 “ You, Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you ” (Today’s English Version)
                                                                                      - Knowing your purpose focuses your life
                                                                                      - Without purpose, you will keep changing directions, school subjects, university courses, jobs,  relationships, churches
                                                                                  Phi 3:13 “ I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead ” (New Living Translation)


                                                                                  • 5/8+9/2018

                                                                                    (Chapter 5)

                                                                                      1. Life is a test

                                                                                      2. Life is a trust

                                                                                      3. Life is a temporary assignment

                                                                                      4. When all is said and done...

                                                                                            - Everything is for God’s glory….

                                                                                    * We are fearfully and wonderfully made: 

                                                                                    5. How can I bring glory to God????
                                                                                            - The words of Jesus  John 17 v4 “I have brought you glory on the earth by completing the work you gave me to do”
                                                                                             - What would it look like for you to do the same!
                                                                                    1.By worshiping him
                                                                                    2.By loving other believers
                                                                                    3.By becoming like Christ
                                                                                    4.By serving others with our gifts
                                                                                    5.By telling others about him

                                                                                    • 5/10/2018

                                                                                      1. Take test on Unit 1

                                                                                      2. Read day and answer the question at the end.