Weekly outline

  • Overview

    Language arts is about using language. The ability to critically think, to problem solve, and to articulate ideas fundamentally requires mastering our language. In this day and age of "fake news," our students need to be independent thinkers. In addition, we have an obligation to equip them to become disciples and share the Good News. With this in mind, on a daily basis, students will encounter the four pillars of English: vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar. My goal is to develop lessons which will challenge them and appeal to a higher depth of knowledge: "if you can google it, then it is not learning."

    The routine for the week is as follows:

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will be focused on literature and vocabulary.

    Thursday will be writing and grammar.

    Friday's emphasis is directed novel reading and the article of the week.

    Monday they will receive an article of the week that is somehow connected with the topic in literature. They will be reading and annotating this for Friday. They will also receive a list of six vocabulary words from the reading and they will choose four more as they read each week. Vocabulary activities will be embedded throughout the week.

    Novels: Students should bring their first independent reading novel to school tomorrow. The requirement for this is to be a minimum of 125 pages, and anything that they love! They will be reading one per month, with the first one being due the end of September. Our first directed reading novel will be assigned September 1st, because this short story is a little longer than most.


    We will be using Google Classroom for assignments. Most readings will be in ActivelyLearn, which is a wonderful system to track their reading and comprehension. NORedInk is the program we will use for grammar. Students have already completed the diagnostic test for grammar. This will create a personalized learning plan which I will supplement. We will also use EdPuzzle for video viewing, REcap for student video reflections, and OneNote Notebook for a digital notebook.

    International School Partnerships:

    Each quarter we will be involved in a project with our international school partnership. Beyond this, our goal is to increase the student's cultural awareness. This will be done in a variety of ways, including the literature that we read and the research that we do.