Topic outline

  • Lesson Plan 8/13/2018

    1. Give an introduction into the course

    2. Go over class expectations

    3. Review the "quirks" of Mr. Fry and his classroom

    4. Look at and review best learning practices that will be used in the course.

    • Lesson Plan 8/14/2018

      1. Finish anything not covered in day 1
      2. Look at indicators the Bible is the Word of God
         a. Archaeological confirmation
                * Jericho
                * Ai
                * David
         b. Medical confirmation
                * Mold Remediation
                * Wash Hands
                * Human waste (Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis A)
                * Life is in the blood

         c. Effect it has on people (2nd Great Awakening, Jeffry Dahmer, Len Rice, Welsh and New York revivals etc.
         d. Geological confirmation - flood, evidence is everywhere
         e. Prophetic confirmation - Daniel 9:24-27, Ps. 22, Is. 53

      • lesson plan 8/15/18

        1. Finish scripture as Word of God input
        2. Look at the overview of the books of the Old Testament
            a. Torah (Origins and law) - 5
            b. History - 12
            c. Wisdom - 5
            d. Major Prophets - 5
            e. Minor Prophets 12

        • 8/27/2018

          Look at evidence for the flood account

             1. Read the account of the flood

             2. Write who, where, when, why, how, what

             3. finish slides on flood

             4. Look at  Dr. Snelling

             5. Exit pass - What questions do you have?  What was most impressive?

          • 8/28/2018

            1. Answer questions from the day before

            2. Continue with Dr. Snelling input

            3. Answer questions:

               a. Define:



               b. Explain how the Tapeats Sandstone argues for a world wide catastrophic flood.

               c. Explain how the Coconino Sandstone could argue for a world wide flood.

               d. Give two ways the Uluru (Ayers Rock) argue for a significant catastrophe?

               e. Give one problem with the traditional explanation of Ayers Rock.

               f. Give 2 reasons fossils argue for a world wide catastrophe

            • 8/29/2018

              Watch the video "Is Genesis History?"  Answer the following questions:

              1.  How did Mt. St. Helens give insights into cataclysmic events in earth's history?

              2. Record evidence that you heard from each of the following fields:

                  a. Biology

                  b. Anthropology (the study of human races, origins, societies, and cultures)

                  c. Genetics

                  d. Geology

                  e. Others

              3. What piece of evidence most impressed you in the video?


              • 8/30/2018

                Review for test on flood

                   1. Story line of the flood

                   2. Proofs for the flood

                • 8/31/2018

                  1. Take test on flood

                  2. Begin Unit on Abraham

                      a. Genealogy of Abraham

                      b. Call of Abraham

                      c. Importance of making a nation out of nothing 

                  • 9/4/2018

                    1. Look at the life of Abraham (overview) - Period 2

                         * Look at the time line from Adam to Abraham

                    2. Compare presentation of "The Bible" to scripture

                        a. Where does it agree?

                        b. Where does it vary?

                    3. Divide stories of Abraham for table groups to investigate

                    • 9/4/2018

                      1. Read Genesis 15 - write 4 points that are present in the story

                      2. Act out the events of God making this covenant with Abraham

                      3. Watch the video "The Bible" starting at 33:00 to see what happens with Hagar and Ishmael 

                      • 9/5/2018

                        1. Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah (2-3 lines about why S & G were destroyed)

                            a. General Story line

                            b. Note main characters

                        2. Video about Sodom and Gomorrah remains

                            a. Watch     or o 

                        • 9/6/2018

                          1. Continue with evaluation of video "the Bible" - Sacrifice of Isaac

                               a. Read Genesis 21

                               b. Write down 4 facts

                          2. Look at video Bob Fitts "Sacrifice"  - Comparing Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac to the sacrifice of Jesus

                              a. Notice the foreshadowing of the cross  (Students look for them - see who can get 3 or more)

                                 - Carry wood

                                 - 3 day journey

                                 - On mountain

                                 - Only Son

                                  - God will supply the sacrifice

                          • 9/7-11/2018

                            1. Look at the story of Jacob and Esau

                            2. Students shall:

                                a. Look at the relationship between Isaac, Rebecca, Esau and Jacob

                                      - Who did Isaac and Rebecca favor?

                                      - How did Rebecca and Jacob try to fool Isaac?

                                       - Why did they think the plan would work?

                                        - How did Jacob get the birthright from Esau?

                                        - How would you describe Esau?  Jacob?

                                b. Look at the relationship between Jacob, Rachel, Leah, Laben

                                        - How was Jacob fooled?

                                        - What did Jacob do to earn the right to marry Rachel?

                                c. Who was the favorite child of Jacob?  Why?

                          • 9/17/2018

                            1. Complete any presentations not finished last week

                            2. Finish instruction on Jacob - pulling together the story lines

                            • September 20, 2018

                              Re-dated to reflect progress in classroom

                              1. Test Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

                              2. Look at the life of Joseph 

                                 1. The dreams he had about his family

                                 2. Sold into Slavery

                                 3. Potiphar's house

                              Use the video Joseph to highlight these events

                              4. Homework - Read Genesis 37-50 by Wednesday/September 23

                              • 9/21/2018

                                Read the following article concerning Joseph and comparing the story with that of Jesus.


                                Write a one page response to the article.  What aspects did you like the most about the comparisons?  What parts (if any) were missed or seemed a little far fetched?

                                • 9/24/2018

                                  1. Continue to look at the Life of Joseph

                                  2. Look at the dynamics at Potiphar's house and in the Prison

                                       a. How might God be using pain to bring growth

                                      b. Notice how Joseph responds every time

                                  3. Homework Read Genesis 37-50 by next Wed.

                                  4. Look at his years leading Egypt

                                       a. How did God show his presence and blessing in Joseph's life?

                                       b. How did the holding back of grain work out mathematically?

                                  2. Read Genesis 37-50 by next Wednesday

                                  • 9/24/2018

                                     Go through the major stories of the Joseph account - have students write about each as they remember them - Show video clips of Joseph's life

                                        a. Joseph's dreams

                                        b. Joseph's coat 

                                        c. Sold into slavery

                                        d. Potiphar's house

                                        e. Prison and dreams

                                        f. Pharaoh and dreams

                                        g. Joseph's plan to save Egypt

                                        h. Joseph's brothers return

                                    • 9/25/2018

                                      1. Continue with the story of Joseph by looking at his years leading Egypt

                                           a. How did God show his presence and blessing in Joseph's life?

                                           b. How did the holding back of grain work out mathematically?

                                      2. Read Genesis 37-50 by next Monday

                                      3. Continue with video

                                      4. Write a letter to Joseph compassionately reflecting what he has gone through

                                      • 9/26/2018

                                        1. Finish the video

                                        2. Review the major transitions in Joseph's life with the students

                                        • 9/26/2018

                                          1. Do presentations on Joseph

                                          2. Go through the major stories of the Joseph account - have students write about each as they remember them

                                              a. Joseph's dreams

                                              b. Joseph's coat 

                                              c. Sold into slavery

                                              d. Potiphar's house

                                              e. Prison and dreams

                                              f. Pharaoh and dreams

                                              g. Joseph's plan to save Egypt

                                              h. Joseph's brothers return

                                          3. Exit Pass: List 3 ways Joseph's story foreshadows the story of Jesus

                                          • 9/27/2018

                                            Finish any uncovered material concerning Joseph

                                            • 9/28/2018

                                              1. Read

                                              2. Have students reflect on their own lives.  Has there been a time when they went through tough times and came to appreciate how God used those times to grow them?

                                              3. Write a page reflecting on the above.

                                              • 10/1/2018

                                                1. Talk about the written assignment concerning growth and suffering

                                                2. Review the story of Joseph

                                                    a. As a boy - selected by Jacob, coat, dreams, thrown in cistern, sold into slavery

                                                    b. In Egypt - lead Potifer's house, accused by wife, prison, 2 dreams (Baker, Cup bearer), 2 more dreams - Pharaoh

                                                    c. Leading Egypt - 7 years of famine, brothers tested, Goshen given to Israelites 


                                                • 10/2/2018

                                                  1. Review for test on Wednesday

                                                  • October 16,2018 (Break 12-15)

                                                    1. Look at the account of the parting of the Red Sea

                                                         a. How does each video view the event

                                                        b. Look at the evidence for the literal Exodus

                                                             * James Cameron's finds

                                                             * Story of Napoleon and the Red Sea crossing

                                                    2. Evaluate the evidence and talk about perspectives

                                                    • 10/17/2018

                                                      *Note: missed 10 commandments above.  Cover to start

                                                      1. Look at the items used during the 10th plague (Passover)

                                                           a. Blemish free male lamb

                                                           b. With the family for a time

                                                           c. Killed

                                                           d. Blood on door post and lintel 

                                                           e. Angel of death passes over when blood is present

                                                           f. All other households experience death

                                                      2. How does this foreshadow the coming of Christ

                                                      • 10/18/2018

                                                        1. Look at the Passover

                                                            a. Read the passage in Exodus 12

                                                            b. Consider how this might refer to Christ

                                                        2. Table talk and then proceed with closer look

                                                           a. Lamb (blemish free, 1 year old male, killed)

                                                           b. Roasted on a stick - all eaten, none left

                                                           c. blood on door post and lintel 

                                                           d. Angel of death passes over

                                                        • 10/19/2018

                                                          1. Look at the Seder and the significance of the elements of the service

                                                              a. Video on the Christian cross-over for each symbol

                                                              b. Read through learning some words

                                                          2. Select people to take various parts for tomorrow's Seder

                                                          • 10/22/2018

                                                            Look at evidence for the Exodus

                                                            PPt - pictures of:

                                                            - Ancient historical marker

                                                            - Likely path taken, beach launched from, underwater land bridge

                                                            - Napoleon almost losing troops crossing

                                                            - Lab study of parting the water


                                                            • 10/23/2018

                                                              1. Look at the sins of Israel while in the wilderness

                                                                   a. Refusing to go into the promised land

                                                                   b. Complaining at God about manna

                                                                   c. Korah's rebellion

                                                                   d. The gold calf

                                                              2. Divide the rebellions among the class to research and report on Or consider how each is similar to the other and write on - 

                                                              3. Read the article and divide the article into table groups.  Digest content and explain to classmates.

                                                              • 10/24/20118

                                                                Finish Unit on the Exodus

                                                                   1. Exodus 18 and the wisdom of Jethro

                                                                           a. Look at the divisions of Israel for adjudication

                                                                           b. Consider how that might be helpful in today's church

                                                                   2. The sin of Moses

                                                                   3. The sin of Miriam and 

                                                                • 10/25/2018

                                                                  Review Moses for tomorrows test which will include:

                                                                     a. The plagues

                                                                     b. The 10 commandments

                                                                     c. The Sins of Israel

                                                                      - Korah's sin

                                                                      - Golden Calf

                                                                      - Mirium's sin

                                                                      - Complaining (fiery serpents)

                                                                     d. The Exodus

                                                                     e.  The crossing of the Red Sea

                                                                      f. Wisdom of Jethro - church today



                                                                  • 10/26/2018

                                                                    1. Take test on Moses

                                                                    2. Introduce the book of Judges

                                                                    • 11/6/2017

                                                                      1. Begin an introduction into Joshua

                                                                          a. Write 2-3 things already known about Joshua from the Exodus

                                                                          b. Show video segment from "The Bible" on Joshua

                                                                      2. Look at chapter 1 of Joshua

                                                                          a. What aspects of this story seem a bit unbelievable

                                                                          b. Show the history of the Jordan River in modern times

                                                                      3. Move into the battle of Jericho

                                                                      • 11/7/2017

                                                                        1. Write 3 things learned about the Battle of Jericho yesterday

                                                                            a. What was the battle strategy?

                                                                            b. Who was the combatant?

                                                                        2. Consider the story of Rahab

                                                                             a. What was her contribution?

                                                                            b. How was she saved?

                                                                            c. Why is the story of Rahab important?

                                                                        3. Write a 3 sentence reasoning on why the story of Rahab might be personally important in our salvation story

                                                                        • November 8, 2017

                                                                          1. Write three lessons learned from the battle of Jericho 

                                                                          2. Read about the battle of Ai

                                                                              a. What are the events of the battle?

                                                                              b. Why did Israel lose?

                                                                              c. How did the second Battle of Ai transpire?

                                                                          3. Write a modern story that illustrates the battle of Ai

                                                                              a. Include an Achen

                                                                              b. Include a sin that effects others

                                                                          • 11/9/2017

                                                                            1. Read the Gibeonite deception

                                                                            2. In table groups, make a modern story that makes the same point as this story

                                                                            3. Half of the class should work on the unusual battle with the King of Jerusalem and his allies.

                                                                                 a. What was unusual about the battle?

                                                                                 b. Why did Joshua kill the 5 kings?

                                                                            • November 10, 2017

                                                                              Look at the renewal of the covenant

                                                                                 a. How does this relate to revival today?

                                                                                 b. Write a covenant with God for your family.

                                                                              • 11/13/2017

                                                                                1. Continue with input on Judges

                                                                                     a. Who were the Judges?

                                                                                     b. Who was "King"?

                                                                                     c. How did the sin cycle of Israel (and the United States) work?

                                                                                2. Look at some Judges that have their stories told in more detail

                                                                                    a. Ehud and the assassination of Eglon

                                                                                    b. Deborah, the only female Judge

                                                                                    c. Gideon, the "least" Judge

                                                                                • 11/14/2017

                                                                                  1. Look at the Story of Samson 

                                                                                  2. Compare and contrast with popular version from "The Bible"

                                                                                  3. Note how Samson violated all of his Nazarite vows

                                                                                  • 11/15/2017

                                                                                    Review for test on Joshua and Judges

                                                                                    • 11/16/2017

                                                                                      Take test on Joshua and Judges

                                                                                      • 11/27/2017

                                                                                        1. Begin unit on I Samuel and the Kings

                                                                                        2. Samuel and Eli 

                                                                                            a. Melt down of Eli's sons - Phineas and Hophni 

                                                                                            b. Death of Eli

                                                                                        3. Samuel and Saul

                                                                                            a. Selection of Saul

                                                                                            b. Fall of Saul

                                                                                                - Not killing Agag

                                                                                                - Offering a sacrifice in place of Samuel

                                                                                            c. Growing mental/spiritual problems of Saul

                                                                                        • 11/28/2017

                                                                                          1. Begin the life of David

                                                                                               a. Selection by Samuel

                                                                                               b. Days as a shepherd

                                                                                               c. The defeat of Goliath

                                                                                               d. Ministry in the court of Saul

                                                                                                    * Marriage to Michal

                                                                                                    * Saul's attempt on David's life

                                                                                          2. David running from Saul

                                                                                              a. Signal to run by Jonathan

                                                                                              b. Pursued by Saul

                                                                                                 * Incident in the cave

                                                                                                 * Incident in Saul's tent

                                                                                          • 11/29/2017

                                                                                            1. David as King

                                                                                                a. Wives of David and their sons

                                                                                            The mother's nameThe son's name
                                                                                            Ahinoam the Yizre'eliteHis first born was Amnon.
                                                                                            Abigail - the wife of Naval the KarmeliteHis second was Kil'av.
                                                                                            Maacah - the daughter of Talmay, king of GeshurThe third - Absalom (Tamar)
                                                                                            HaggithThe fourth - Adoniyya.
                                                                                            AbitalThe fifth - Shefatya.
                                                                                            EglahThe sixth Yitre'am.
                                                                                                b. Bathsheba and her son Solomon

                                                                                            2. David's sin with Bathsheba

                                                                                                 a. Incident from the balcony

                                                                                                 b. Recall of Uriah

                                                                                                 c. Death of Uriah and Bathsheba's son

                                                                                            • 11/30/2017

                                                                                              Finish story of David

                                                                                                 1. Rape of Tamar

                                                                                                 2. Killing of Amnon

                                                                                                 3. Alienation with Adonijah

                                                                                                 4. Adonijah's revolt

                                                                                                 5. Adonijah killed by Joab

                                                                                                6. Abshag - death of David - Ascension of Solomon

                                                                                              • 12/1/2017

                                                                                                Review for test on Samuel, Saul, and David and Solomon

                                                                                                • 12/4/2017

                                                                                                  1. Take test on United Kingdom

                                                                                                  2. Begin work on the kings of Israel and Judah - good and bad

                                                                                                  Judah (and Benjamin)

                                                                                                  Israel (Ten Northern Tribes)









                                                                                                   1. Rehoboam


                                                                                                   17 years



                                                                                                   1. Jeroboam I


                                                                                                   22 years



                                                                                                   2. Abijah


                                                                                                   3 years



                                                                                                   2. Nadab


                                                                                                   2 years



                                                                                                   3. Asa


                                                                                                   41 years



                                                                                                   3. Baasha


                                                                                                   24 years




                                                                                                   4. Elah


                                                                                                   2 years



                                                                                                   5. Zimri


                                                                                                   7 days



                                                                                                   6. Omri


                                                                                                   12 years


                                                                                                   Elijah  Micaiah

                                                                                                   4. Jehoshaphat


                                                                                                   25 years



                                                                                                   7. Ahab


                                                                                                   22 years


                                                                                                   5. Jehoram


                                                                                                   8 years



                                                                                                   8. Ahaziah


                                                                                                   2 years



                                                                                                   6. Ahaziah


                                                                                                   1 years



                                                                                                   9. Joram


                                                                                                   12 years



                                                                                                   7. Athaliah


                                                                                                   6 years



                                                                                                   10. Jehu


                                                                                                   28 years



                                                                                                   8. Joash


                                                                                                   40 years



                                                                                                   11. Jehoahaz


                                                                                                   17 years


                                                                                                   Jonah  Amos  Hosea

                                                                                                   9. Amaziah


                                                                                                   29 years



                                                                                                   12. Jehoash


                                                                                                   16 years


                                                                                                   10. Uzziah (Azariah)


                                                                                                   52 years



                                                                                                   13. Jeroboam II


                                                                                                   41 years


                                                                                                   11. Jotham


                                                                                                   16 years


                                                                                                   14. Zechariah


                                                                                                   6 mo



                                                                                                   12. Ahaz


                                                                                                   16 years


                                                                                                   15. Shallum


                                                                                                   1 mo



                                                                                                   13. Hezekiah


                                                                                                   29 years


                                                                                                   16. Menahem


                                                                                                   10 years



                                                                                                   14. Manasseh


                                                                                                   55 years



                                                                                                   17. Pekahiah


                                                                                                   2 years



                                                                                                   15. Amon


                                                                                                   2 years


                                                                                                   18. Pekah


                                                                                                   20 years



                                                                                                   16. Josiah


                                                                                                   31 years


                                                                                                   19. Hoshea


                                                                                                   9 years



                                                                                                   17. Jehoahaz


                                                                                                   3 mo


                                                                                                  722 BC Fall of Samaria to Assyria

                                                                                                   18. Jehoiakim


                                                                                                   11 years



                                                                                                     * Co-regency

                                                                                                   19. Jehoiachin


                                                                                                   3 mos


                                                                                                   20. Zedekiah


                                                                                                   11 years


                                                                                                   Destruction of Jerusalem, 9th Av, 586 BC, Babylonian Captivity


                                                                                                  • 12/5/2015

                                                                                                    Continue with the kings of Israel and Judah

                                                                                                      1. Rehoboam and Jeroboam 

                                                                                                          a. Note how the sins of Solomon fed the situation

                                                                                                          b. Note how Rehoboam started bad but finished better

                                                                                                          c. Note how Jeroboam started good but finished poorly

                                                                                                       2. Asa - The students should find the evidence that Asa was good

                                                                                                       3. Jehoshaphat

                                                                                                          a. The faith of Jehoshaphat in the face of the enemy

                                                                                                          b. Look at the reality of God being the combatant in these conflicts

                                                                                                          c. Consider the order of preparation for battle...what is the center of preparation?

                                                                                                    • 12/6/2017

                                                                                                      Continue with the kings:  Ahab and Jezebel 

                                                                                                          1. Elijah and his confrontation with Ahab

                                                                                                               a. 3 years of drought and living by the brook of Kerith

                                                                                                               b. Meeting the widow of Zarephath 

                                                                                                          2. The challenge of the prophets of Baal

                                                                                                               a. The contest

                                                                                                               b. Elijah emphasizes the power of God

                                                                                                               c. The death of the prophets

                                                                                                               d. Elijah's fleeing into the wilderness - conversation with God

                                                                                                                   - Three things God is not in

                                                                                                                   - How God was experienced

                                                                                                                e. Passing of the mantle to Elisha


                                                                                                      • 12/7/2017

                                                                                                        1. Complete the work from Wednesday 

                                                                                                        2. Finish input on the kings - What made the good kings good?

                                                                                                            Joash, Amaziah, Asa, Uzziah, Jotham Hezekiah, Josiah


                                                                                                        • 12/8/2017

                                                                                                          Look at the Ministry of Elisha

                                                                                                             a. Receiving he call

                                                                                                             b. Elisha affronted by rebellious teens

                                                                                                             c. Raising the Shunammites Son

                                                                                                            d. Feeding the 100

                                                                                                            e. Naaman Healed

                                                                                                            f. Ax head floats

                                                                                                          2. Finish the presentations on Elisha

                                                                                                          3. Go through ppt and stories of Elisha and Elijah (chart)

                                                                                                          4. Video of the healing of the Leper Namaan  


                                                                                                          • 12/11/2017

                                                                                                            Review for test on the Kings of the divided kingdom, Elijah, Elisha

                                                                                                            • 12/12/2017

                                                                                                              1. Take test on the Kings of the divided kingdom, Elijah, Elisha 

                                                                                                              2. Begin look at Daniel

                                                                                                                  a. Refusal to eat unclean food

                                                                                                                  b. Shadrach Meshach and Abedneggo 


                                                                                                              • 12/13/2017

                                                                                                                Continue into the study of Daniel

                                                                                                                   1. Dream of Nebuchadnezzar 

                                                                                                                   2. Daniel's dream 


                                                                                                                • 12/14/2017

                                                                                                                  Finish input into Daniel

                                                                                                                  1. Significant prophecies about world history

                                                                                                                  2. Significant prophecies about Jesus