Transformed by the Story of Jesus

7th Grade


Students in seventh grade will delve deeper into who Jesus is and was, focusing on the reactions of the people and groups who interacted with Jesus. Students will be exposed to the concept that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Law. New Testament stories will be examined from a viewpoint of how people were transformed or reconciled as a result hearing Jesus’ good news. The year will conclude with an introductory study of the diverse global church. As students study stories of God’s people (historical through present day), they will be begin to articulate how God is transforming many communities through discipleship.

MS 8th grade Bible

The curriculum used is based on "Living the Story of Jesus."  We will be diving into 3 strands of understanding: 1.) Jesus and the church 2.) Practicing the gospel 3.) Connecting to God's story.

Per Unit of Study Weekly:  Each unit lasts 10-15 days

  • Watch Christian music videos/Bible learning videos or clips
  • Read Bible passages
  • Answer discussion board question(s)
  • Bible Journaling
  • Object lessons/Bible Games/Activities
  • Projects
  • Bible Memory
  • Quizzes/Tests

Spiritual development is a lifelong journey.  May we seek to know God in the daily infusion of His Word and let it refresh our souls as we each continue to grow.