Topic outline

  • 1/24/2018

    Good news - churches can revive - All have in common:

    •Scriptural authority
    •Biblical leadership
    •Preaching and teaching
    •Covenant community

    • 1/25/2018

      Barriers to Growth

      –Self-focused leaders and churches
      –Experiencing God’s discipline
      –Lack of radical faith/reliance
      –Doing instead of being the church
      –Watering down the gospel/truth
      –Distracted from our first love
      –Ineffective disciple-making
      –Irrelevant ministry

      • 1/26/2018

        1. Review for test on Monday

        • 1/29/2018

          1. Take test on chapters 4 & 5 of Sider

          2. Return books and check out "Upside Down Kingdom"

          3. Read chapter 1

          • 1/30/2018

            The Kingdom of God

            ¨- Not easy to define
            ¨- Something people enter – not something that enters them
            ¨- Social – With membership, citizenship, loyalties and identity
            ¨- Is not an aggregate, but rather a collective
            ¨- Is intended to be an alternate reality to the present world with God intended dynamics that reclaim the world from the fall
               - Aggregate vs. Collective models of church

            Why the Kingdom of God is Upside down from the world
            ¨1. Because the present world is upside-down from God’s intentions, so from the worlds perspectives, God’s kingdom is upside down
            ¨2. Society has a distinct topography – God’s kingdom is opposite
            ¨3. The Kingdom, done right, is shocking

            • 1/31/2018

              Detours (Ways the world tries to dismiss the Kingdom)

                ¨1. Jesus is culturally bound to a society that is long gone and now irrelevant

              ¨2. Jesus came at the wrong time and expected too much

              ¨3. The Dispensation view

               4.  Spiritualize it All

               5.  Individualize and Isolate the Gospel

              • 2/5+6/2018

                A. Finish the material from last week
                B. Look at Dispensationalism and how it relates to a detour

                1. Innocence (Genesis 1 -3) - Adam and Eve before they sinned
                2. Conscience (Genesis 3-8) - First sin to the flood
                3. Civil Government (Genesis 9-11) - After the flood, government
                4. Promise (Genesis 12-Ex. 19) - Abraham to Moses, the Law is given
                5. Law (Exodus 20 - Acts 2:4) - Moses to the cross
                6. Grace (Acts 2:4 - Revelation 20:3) - Cross to the millennial kingdom
                7. Millennial Kingdom (Rev. 20:4-6) – The rule of Christ on earth in the millennial kingdom

                Though dispensationalists share common opinions about interpreting scripture, there are different types of dispensationalist positions.  Read and respond to:

                1. Classical Dispensationalism
                  1. God has different purposes at different times
                  2. The Church is a parenthesis in history between the times of God dealing with Israel
                  3. There will be a literal Kingdom in heaven and also a Kingdom on earth during the millennial period
                2. Modified Dispensationalism
                  1. Two peoples of God: Israel and the Church
                  2. Different roles
                  3. Salvation is the same for both groups
                  4. Church and Israel exist together during the millennium
                3. Progressive Dispensationalism
                  1. Israel and the Church are both the people of God
                  2. It relies more on covenantal interpretations
                  3. Old Testament promises expanded to include the Church
                  4. There are still distinctions between Israel and the Church
                  5. Israel is still God’s chosen people with a plan from God
                  6. Pre-trib rapture is generally held, but not necessary

                • 2/7+8/2018

                  A. Finish the material from 5 detours from the Kingdom
                  B. The temptations in Jesus Ministry 
                  1. Bread Messiah
                       •The temptation is to become an economic Messiah
                        •People would follow just because they got food – miss spiritual
                  2. Miracle Messiah
                        •The temptation is to do tricks so people follow (Recall Herod)
                        •Problem – people not responding in faith
                  3. Political Messiah
                       •Political change does not bring heart change

                  Read the article -

                  Consider as a class how each of these temptations might be present in both church and politics today
                  Find one illustration in history to illustrate each and justify the answer in writing.  Talk about answers in table groups

                  • This topic


                    1. Finish remaining work from the week above.  

                    2. Look at the Political situation of Jesus time

                    •Herod the Great – Died when Jesus was an infant
                    •Kingdom was divided between:
                    •Herod Antipas
                    •Archelaus was king of the southern part of Judea, including Jerusalem – He was horrible, deposed in 2 years
                    Roman procurator installed – eventually Pilate came

                    3. Finish reading chapter 2

                        Write 1 page paper on any of the topics of the week that holds relevancy to the student's life today.

                    • 2/12/2018

                      Review for test tomorrow

                      • 2/13/2018

                        1. Take test 

                        2. Begin chapter 6 Upside Down Kingdom (Read)

                        3. Write 1 page response to the reading.  What most impacted?  What aspect seemed out of line or not covered appropriately.

                        • 1/14/2018

                          1. Review the budgets made by the students for minimum wage couple

                          2. Read

                                a. What were the spiritual meanings?

                                b. How might jubilee impact an economy?

                          3.   Wealth distribution U.S.

                  Wealth distribution World

                          4. Write 2 paragraphs about what the likely effect of this inequity will be

                          • 2/15/2018

                            • Major Economic “Readjustment Years”

                              • 1973

                              • 1980

                              • 1987

                              • 2001 (On Shemitah)

                              • 2008 (On Shemitah) – Dow down 777 points, 7% of it’s value

                              • 2015 – Dow lost 1300 points the week of  Aug. 19th – 7% of its value

                            • What practices most effect the economy and the horrible inequity that is present globally?

                            • 2/16/2018

                              Finish above work and ppt.

                              • 1/19/2018

                                1. Finish reading chapters 6 & 7 of Upside Down Kingdom

                                2. Write 2 questions or observations found while reading

                                3. Answer questions and finish notes

                                • 1/20/2018

                                  1. Look at chapters 8 and 9 in the Upside Down Kingdom

                                  2. Agape

                                  • Agape is:

                                    • Bold

                                    • Inconvenient

                                    • Risky

                                    • Time Consuming

                                    • Expensive

                                    • Socially Expensive

                                  • Detours
                                  •    Old Testament Warfare
                                  •    Nationalism
                                  • Taking Jesus teaching to just be on a personal level

                                  • 2/21/2018

                                    1. Finish work on chapters 6 - 9

                                    2. Review for test 2/22

                                    • 1/22 & 23/2018

                                      Take test on chapters 6-9

                                      Look at the four major power bases of society

                                      1. Financial Power – Economic Resources

                                      2. Expert Power – Extensive Knowledge

                                      3. Organizational Power (Position)

                                      4. Personal Power – From appearance, personality traits etc.

                                      * Read article about power structures
                                      * Write 2 paragraph response.

                                      • 2/26/2018

                                        Look at the four major power bases of society

                                        1. Financial Power – Economic Resources

                                        2. Expert Power – Extensive Knowledge

                                        3. Organizational Power (Position)

                                        4. Personal Power – From appearance, personality traits etc.

                                        * Read article about power structures
                                        * Write 2 paragraph response.