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Topic outline

  • Chapter 23 - Plant Kingdom

    Here you will find the Power Points used in class.  Refer to them as you prepare for your chapter test.  Power Points cover material in chapters 22 and 23.

  • Discussion Board Topics

    Discussion Board Guidelines

    1. This discussion forum is for educational purposes. Shared knowledge helps us all to
    learn more. Please respect that this forum is for educational purposes only.
    2. Please hold to a single topic for each thread. Be sure to list your topic in the message
    header/subject box before sending. This will aid the reader(s) in identifying the topic.
    3. In responding the discussion questions posted, please answer the question completely.
    4. You can suggest ideas, but remember we should base our opinions with evidence,
    research, and scholarly writings. You are expected to support your comments with the
    literature. You are encouraged to post internet links, articles in your postings to aid in
    understanding however you must also include reference to scholarly literature.
    5. Original postings and replies should be relevant and contain substance. Please refrain
    from 'I agree' or 'yes' replies; this will aid in respecting your classmates time spent in the
    discussion board.

    6. Please remember people are sensitive towards criticism or perceived criticism, keep
    responses positive and constructive.
    7. If you read a posting and feel that the replier misunderstood your post, give the writer the
    benefit of the doubt. Communicating on-line is very difficult. Not everyone has the needed
    writing expertise to adequately express themselves.
    8. Please post your questions regarding the topic rather than in email, many will benefit
    from the answers as well as discussion.
    9. I reserve the right to delete any inappropriate message or messages not in accordance
    with these guidelines. This is a subjective decision; but I will use common sense.
    10. Please ‘sign’ your post by including your name on the post.
    11. My expectation is that you read every posting and reply to a minimum of 3 posts in a
    manner that can lend further insight, and/or offer a different perspective. Your grade will
    include quality and quantity of responses. (see grading rubric for more detail)
    12. You must log on to the Discussion Board a minimum of 3 separate days during the time
    that the discussion is active. (in other words, you cannot do all your posts on one day)
    13. ‘Spell check’ all posts prior to posting.
    14. Responses should indicate agreement/disagreement and why. You might offer an
    alternative explanation or provide peers with additional information, such as an article or

  • Chapter 11- Biotechnology


    Biotechnology is a broad term that relates to using living organisms or parts of organisms to carry out biological processes for us in industrial processes or services. There are many examples of biotechnology in agriculture, medicine and waste recycling.
    During your study in this chapter, we will learn many things.  You will also be engaging in an exciting research project.  You will be researching a particular topic of biotechnology that may affect you directly, or someone you know.

    Your topic is PHARMING. PHARMING is the genetic modification of domestic animals to produce pharmaceutical products.

    You will be given a topic to research.  You will also be given a side to take; pro or con.  You will then research your topic, write a paper (with the help of Dr. Hedgecock), and present your findings in a debate style setting.
    Use the links attached to help assist you in your research.