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Topic outline

  • Chapter 10- How Proteins are Made

  • Chapter 11- Biotechnology


    Biotechnology is a broad term that relates to using living organisms or parts of organisms to carry out biological processes for us in industrial processes or services. There are many examples of biotechnology in agriculture, medicine and waste recycling.
    During your study in this chapter, we will learn many things.  You will also be engaging in an exciting research project.  You will be researching a particular topic of biotechnology that is very near, and dear, to each of us: FOOD!  
    Many of the foods we eat have been changed genetically.  Some changes have produced better tasting foods, while others have allowed scientists to grow food in areas where they once could not.
    You will be given a topic to research.  You will also be given a side to take; pro or con.  You will then research your topic, write a paper (with the help of Dr. Hedgecock), and present your findings in a debate style setting.
    Use the links attached to help assist you in your research.