Topic outline

  • Class Information

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  • Quarter 1 Assignments

    • Enter text in a Word Document
    • Check spelling as you type
    • Format paragraphs
    • Format text
    • Undo and redo commands and actions
    • Change theme colors
    • Insert digital pictures in a Word document
    • Resize pictures
    • Format pictures
    • Add a page border
    • Adjust spacing
    • Correct errors and revise document

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  • Quarter 2 Assignments

    • Create a table of contents for a document
    • Craft a flyer using a watermark
    • Convert text to table
    • Organize and format cells in tables
    • Construct an equation list
    • Determine word count and document statistics
    • Download Adobe Reader DC application
    • Edit a portable document format
    • Convert a pdf to a Word document with formatting
    • Navigating a gmail account
    • Identifying the 6 parts of an email
    • Making an instructional video with Jing

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  • Quarter 3 Assignments

    • Select and change a document theme and variant
    • Create a title slide and a text slide with a multilevel bulleted list
    • Add new slides and changes slide layouts
    • Insert pictures into slides with and without content placeholders
    • Move and resize pictures
    • Change the font size and color
    • Bold and italicize test
    • Duplicate a slide
    • Arrange slides
    • Select slide transitions
    • View a presentation in Slide Show view
    • Add presentation notes to bottom of slide

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  • Activities from Jensen

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